The Great Spaldoni

This past spring, this photo of my grandfather surfaced during a memorial service held in honor of he and my grandmother. This man is the single greatest influence in my life. The photo was about the size of a business card, so, with no access to the negative I ventured to enlarge it with paint. I'm very happy to make the 1st of many tribute paintings to this man.

The Walls at Dukes Alehouse

Photos from Dukes Alehouse in Crystal Lake IL. Split the wall with Darly Amandes. His work is also listed... Mind-blowing everytime. 

Gabriel Karagianis "Colossi at Menmon

Daryl Amandes "My Lord.. My Leige"

Gabriel Karagianis "Message From a Floating World"

Daryl Amandes "The Rock of Gibraltar"

Gabriel Karagianis "OIl of Vitriol"

Daryl Amandes "Simple Grape Meadow"

Gabriel Karagianis "Butterfly Flutter-by"

Daryl Amandes "Quick Trip Behind the Curtain With"

Daryl Amandes "Lysergic Tweezer"

Gabriel Karagianis "Chinese Firedrill"

Blue Jay and Wasp Nest

Recent Commission - original concept. I was told a story about a bluejay picking at a wasp nest. After a few strike and retreat assaults, the jay stole away with the entire nest in hitch. I tried to paint this one from the wasp and jay's perspective.

Crab Under Crossed Sabres

Recent commission for a cosmic war vet. A woman who proudly served in Iraq, and expressed interests in esoteric and cosmological symbolism. Cancer (crab)with the eye of Horus, crowned with two hands capturing a fairy passing under the crossed sabers of Baghdad. Favorite colors - purple and black.

Bull and Bear in the Martketplace

Here is a couple shots of a commission for a faithful patron of mine who works in the money biz. The dust cloud behind the bull tracks a graph referencing the history of the market through his career. The bear stands in front of a reverse or mirror of the same graph provided to me.

Krink - Ghost Paint

I dug up a canvas from spring 2011 and it was still wet with Krink paint marker and black oil paint that had bonded to the Krink paint. As I continue to apply fresh paint, the scribbles/ swears/ phallic gestures continue to emerge making it a "living" and responsive painting. I will continue to experiment with this process.

Ghost paint-Krink.jpg